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Anne Gallagher

Nickname: Grillzy


What has been your favorite memory this year?

Starting back for season 5 and seeing all the happy faces in the gym so keen to work hard


What is the craziest/most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Bungee jumped in Bali


If you could travel to one of the planets, which planet would you go to?



What would you rather do – perform in a circus or in an aquatic dance group?



What would you like to do before your next birthday?

Go on a holiday


What food do you dislike the most and why?

Bacon, ewww yuck gross vomit worthy food, the smell the saltiness everything about it is yuck


If you were a drink, what would you be?

Vodka Pepsi Max


What is one thing you’d like to cross off your bucketlist this year?

Holiday to the Maldives


What kind of a dessert would you be?

Ice cream cake


Whats your favourite cheer/dance move?

All stunting


What is your most treasured possession?

Lachies ashes


If you could have a magical power, what power would you choose?

Time traveling


What is your favourite movie?

Water Boy and Con Air


What do you love the most about Cosmic Empire Allstars?

I love the family we have created at the gym

Contact Me:

Anne Gallagher

Director of Coaching

0450 922 663

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